Referral Program

Thank you for agreeing to help recruit peers for the UPSIDE Study! By recruiting other peers who inject drugs in Upstate New York you will help this project be a success and help us understand your community’s health needs.

1. Decide how you would like to contact your peers. 
– Contact them yourself by calling, texting, email, Facebook or any other way you would like.
– We can provide you with a physical card to give in person, mail, or send a picture via text.

2. Tell your peer about the UPSIDE Study and give them the invitation link to the study. If they want to know more call (518-402-4903) or email us at (
– Some things to mention:
   – The chance to make a difference in the community
   – Small time commitment
   – Free HCV/HIV testing
   – Help getting into care if they have a positive test result
   – Compensation for being in the study

Your peer will need the unique URL code to access the web survey. If you are contacting them yourself, simply include it in your message or conversation. If you are giving your peer a card, we will put the code on the card.

Sample Message

Dear [name],
I just participated in the UPSIDE research study to help improve the health of our community. I visited [name of site], took a survey, got free testing for HIV and Hepatitis C, and it took less than an hour. You may be eligible to enroll too and can get up to $110 in gift cards for your participation!

To learn about the study, find out if you’re eligible, and join, use this code _____ to access the online survey. If you’re eligible, you can get the first $15 gift card now by taking the survey. You can also call 518-402-4903 or email to find out more.